The Curiosity Index (06.04.2018)

It’s Time to Reckon with Celebrity Power Andy Crouch has written an article that deserves to be digested slowly by any church leader, network leader & conference organiser. And anyone else whose reputation has gone beyond the confines of their own home. if you knew the full condition of my heart, my fantasies and grievances, my anxieties and my darkest solitary thoughts, you would declare me a danger to myself and others. I cannot be entrusted with power by myself, certainly not with celebrity, and neither can you. But we…

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Today's Golden Cows

I guess there won’t have been too many times in his life that Ronaldo has been compared to a golden cow, so today is his lucky day. While I’m in Brighton with thousands worshipping Jesus – 80,000 turn up to watch the world’s most expensive footballer officially arrive. Around the world 3 billion watch the funeral of a dead pop star and people make silly fawning comments about his legacy. Krish K has some good thoughts on the subject here. Responding intelligently to a culture infatuated with celebrity is almost…

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Communicating the Cross

One leftover from my days as a magazine editor is that I still get sent (not that I ever asked for it) The Church of England Newspaper. So I regularly read of the arguments that dominate the lives of my Anglican brothers and sisters. The back page of the paper is written by Fleet Street journalists from the mainstream papers. Today’s was by Jonathan Wynne-Jones of the Sunday Telegraph (a paper I never read) and he discussed the partnership between the Archbishops of Canterbury and York and then he made…

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