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The Curiosity Index (21.09.2017)

There Can Be Only One Priority I struggle with many ‘priorities’ which as Keith Webb points out: “The reality is, multiple priorities means no priority at all.” John Calvin: the religious reformer who influenced capitalism Love capitalism? Perhaps you believe, like Donald Trump and his

TV tower at night in Riga

Lessons from Riga

One of the things I’m enjoying about living in Stockholm is the connections it offers across northern Europe. I recently was able to visit some friends in Latvia’s capital, Riga and learn first hand of how they’re planting a church in that city. Here are a collection

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Capitalism needs an ethical boundary

Randy Alcorn has recently completed some interviews with Os Guinness (key note speaker at the upcoming Everything Conference) who makes some interesting comments about capitalism. Firstly, he affirms capitalism: “I have no problems admitting the extraordinary superiority of market capitalism; it is a remarkable engine

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Is Christianity more like communism or capitalism?

That’s the question asked by a recent study in America. Here’s one unsurprising finding for you: Income seemed to influence the survey. 46 percent of people with incomes of $100,000 a year or more believe that capitalism is consistent with Christianity, while only 23 percent

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Trueman & Meynell on capitalism

I want to lift a few things that have been included in the links and draw them to your attention. Mark Meynell recently reviewed Carl Trueman’s Republocrat and this section on capitalism is worth considering, both Trueman’s quotes and Mark’s comments. “Another key theme to

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Is capitalism bankrupt?

I’ve found a few articles and blog posts on this recently, so here they are: Green Christian begins his critique here Michael Schluter of the Jubilee Centre points out 5 flaws A summary of that is here and they question the value of GDP For

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A new kind of capitalism?

The BBC’s business editor Robert Peston has produced a report on the causes of the current financial crisis and the likelihood of an emergence of a new kind of capitalism. Eye catching stuff with lines like ‘monumental financial folly and ‘over-consumption and a high reliance

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How crunched can we be?

I wonder what comes after a crunch? When does a recession become a depression? Anyway the ongoing turmoil in the money markets means there is no recession of blog posts on the subject. My last round up is here. William Willimon calls for a rediscovery