Book Review: When breath becomes air

Death, it awaits us all but few of us think about that very much. Even less of us live as if that fact is important. We live as if life will just carry on until one day it doesn’t and we, despite all the overwhelming evidence, find that somehow shocking. Paul Kalanithi was diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer at the age of 36. When Breath Becomes Air  is his moving account of his journey from neurosurgeon to cancer patient. From driven student to doting father and from life to death.…

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The Curiosity Index (07.04.2015)

Here is a collection of photos from Good Friday celebrations around the world. What struck me is how Christianity truly is a global faith. Talking of which, here are some statistics and comments on the continued growth of Christianity around the world. You may be one of those people that modifies what they eat according to the associated risks. If you are this will drive you crazy as everything you eat both causes and prevents cancer. Jon Matthias shares the barmiest piece of unsolicited mail he’s ever received. Lastly, while I deplore his…

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