The Curiosity Index (14.05.2018)

11 killed in Indonesia church bombings A sobering reminder that in many parts of the world it’s a dangerous and brave thing to show up for church on Sunday morning. Muslim Refugees Are Finding Christ—And Facing Backlash While back in Sweden, some good news. A fascinating conversation on Muslims coming to faith in Sweden. Hernando Columbus deserves to be as famous as his father, Christopher I’d never heard of Hernando but he was, it seems, extraordinary and not just because of his large book collection. How to Teach Boys to…

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The state of men

Something is wrong with boys & men: this, of course, is not news to anyone. The causes and solutions are much debated but something is up. There are problems that seem to be getting worse. Take for example education. Girls are outclassing boys at school and university level. Statistically something has changed in the last 40 years, girls have not only caught up but overtaken boys and have they have done so – the rate widened. It’s complicated and it has confused policy makers because at one level it seems that…

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