The Curiosity Index (12.06.2018)

Should we proclaim that ‘God is love’? Yes, but…very important post from Ian Paul. For what it’s worth if I were to summarize the apostles core message in three words it would instead be ‘Jesus is Lord’. The conversion of Saul/Paul: multiple accounts – multiple discrepancies and contradictions? Another helpful apologetics post from Colin Green. Photos From the Deadly Eruption of Guatemala’s Fuego Volcano Study: People who need to wear glasses are more intelligent Now I have ‘studies’ to back me up…. A historic Shanghai mansion hides a spectacular modern…

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Friday curiosities

I continue to rummage through my ever growing collection of articles that have been saved for a rainy day, here is an eclectic mix for a Friday. You all know about Amazon because that’s where we shop, but that’s arguably not the most important thing they do. If the servers at Amazon Web Services were to go down then no more Netflix. Spotify. Instagram. Airbnb. Gulp. The Book Thing may be the biggest free book shop in the world. This is from way back in April but still, the genius of clockmaker John Harrison is…

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The enduring power of real books

Ever since the first e-reader was developed people have been preicting the demise of the paper-format. Hardbacks would be the first to disappear and the paperback would follow. I wrote an article for a publishing magazine a decade ago about e-readers and e-ink and the tone was clear, these technologies were a genuine threat to the existence of the book as we knew it. While the internet in general (and Amazon in particular) has proved incredibly disruptive to the publishing industry, most notably to bookstores it seems after ten years what…

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