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Book Review: Sophie Scholl & The White Rose

In the history of resistance movements the one in Nazi Germany was at best a mixed affair. Failing to gain popular support its successes were far outnumbered by its failures. However in recent years due to the popularising effect of Hollywood films there has been a

Book Review: Holy Warriors

Jihad, suicide bombers, ISIS, Syria, Paris, Brussels – the list of horrors associated with Islam is long and growing.  Since the beginning of the 21st century militant Islam has dominated the headlines. It has changed the world we live in and not for the better.

Book Review: More than a Carpenter

Josh McDowell’s More than a Carpenter has been a staple of Christian apologetics since its first release in 1977 and had according to my 2001 copy sold well in excess of 10 million copies worldwide. Covering issues such as the textual evidence for the New

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Book Review: Creating Community

North Point Community Church is, I’m told, a big church. I confess I know very little about them, what they believe or don’t believe.  However they do have a strong focus on small groups. Creating Community: 5 Keys to building a small group culture is their ‘how to

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Book Review: Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus

Conversion is always a big deal. No matter which way it goes, whether it is the loss of faith, the discovery of faith or a change of faith, the decision to change your beliefs is significant. However, in different cultures and different parts of the world

Book review: All hell let loose

  For a while now I’ve averaged about one book every ten days, yet here we are three weeks into January and I’ve only just finished my first book of 2012. The reason for that is that Max Hasting’s monumental volume on the second world

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The best books of 2011

This has been a good year for me when it comes to reading books. I didn’t quite manage one book a week, for which I have my excuses, but I’ve still managed to read and finish 35 books this year and reviewed 33. There are

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Books of 2011

These are all the books I have read in 2011 and their reviews Consumer Detox by Mark Powley Before the Frost by Henning Mankell Freakonomics by Levitt & Dubner A New Perspective on Jesus by James DG Dunn Holiness & Mission by Morna Hooker and