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Interview on bi-vocational leadership

Recently I was interviewed by Andy Peck for The Leadership File on Premier Radio in the UK. We discuss the pros & cons for both the leader and the church of working bi-vocationally. I ended with the plea that church leaders should not see being paid

A church history of bivocational ministry

A change is happening throughout the Western church in the nature and form of church leadership. There is a significant shift towards what is known as bivocational ministry. David Gustafson (@dgustafs1) associate professor of evangelism and missional ministry at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School has written a

The future of church planting: bi-vocational ministry

Christianity Today has posted an article by Daniel Im on trends in church planting and it deals with bi-vocational ministry. He says being bi-vocational ministry is being embraced for three main reasons: As a deliberate strategy: “In the future of church planting we will see

Lessons in church planting

I’ve been involved in the planting of two churches now and I’ve learnt a few things along the way, but I’m still learning. Here are some lessons from other church planters and then some thoughts on common themes. Tom O’Toole writes on 4 things to

The Coming New Normal

Carl Trueman recently took up the theme of the bi-vocational church leader in a post called The Coming New Normal and as usual makes some excellent points. He believes that, Bi-vocational pastoring will become more common, if not standard, in the next decade Now it’s not the

Count Zinzendorf & being bi-vocational

Zinzendorf, on missions. “Live humbly among the heathens. Never lord over them. Work diligently with your hands for your own support.” — Jon Tyson (@JonTyson) April 19, 2014 Any other quotes like this that support the idea of the bi-vocational leader? Photo by fhwrdh

The two ends of the bi-vocational spectrum

Last week I was given a vivid insight into the wide spectrum of possibilities when it comes to being bi-vocational. I was at a pastors conference and happened to be sharing a room with Jonathan LeTocq (the smiling man on the right in the picture).