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Bible knowledge holding up

It’s always a relief when you take these tests that something from the Bible has stayed in your head. The pressure is always worse as a leader. I got 9/10 as my knowledge of Lord of the Flies is not up to scratch. Take the

Total Obedience

I’m really enjoying reading the Bible chronologically. I’ve enjoyed the way they’ve figured out when various people lived and died and moved the reference. Seeing that Noah’s grandfather Methuselah died just before the flood, and realising Joseph was in Egypt when Isaac died made the

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I regularly read a bunch of magazines. Some I know beforehand that I want to read almost every article (like The Economist), others I skim read looking for things of interest. Today I read the Jan/Feb edition of Idea from the EA and there were

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Bible Heroes: Noah

I’ve no idea whether I’ll keep this up or not, but as I’m beginning another year of Bible reading it makes sense to me to post a reflection or two as I go along. The plan I’m using is chronological so as with other plans

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Bible Reading Plans

This is the time of year when we pledge ourselves to reading more of the Bible. Me included. I’m going for Cover to Cover Complete: One Year Chronological Reading Plan as I’ve never read the Bible chronologically. So we’ll see how I get on. For

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Spiritual Growth

I preached recently on Spiritual Growth in the last of our series on foundations in the Christian life (not an exhaustive series by any means). Interestingly a few other bloggers have posted helpful things on this subject recently. I’m always grateful to God for providing