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Remembering your baptism

It might be a little confusing but click the image below not above to see this video from Jeff Vanderstelt on some of the imagery in baptism. Saturate: Remembering Your Baptism from Crossway on Vimeo.

Baptism: Sources & Resources

This is a list of the books and blogs I have on the subject of baptism Blogs ‘A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words – Tim Challies Epic Credobaptist Own Goal – Andrew Wilson ‘Between Two Worlds: Baptism in the Early Church: History, Theology, and Liturgy in

Baptism: A reading (blogs) primer

For some time I’ve been meaning to write a series on baptism, working through the biblical texts and outlining why I’m a credobaptist (baptism of believers) and engaging with the opposite view (paedobaptism). With that in mind I’ve been collecting various blog posts on both sides of

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The Curiosity Index (26.03.2015)

Some challenging words from Peter Leithart on baptism The Breathe Network is an excellent resource for Christians wanting to live more simply and more fully in a consumer culture. They’re inviting contributors to their blog. It’s an interesting question Is ‘Talking British’ That Hard to Understand? The

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The Lord's Supper: A question for paeadobaptists

I’ve just read the section on the Lord’s Supper in Louis Berkhof’s A Summary of Christian Doctrine and I have a question for those who practice infant baptism. Berkhof was a paedobaptist, a professor of theology and is probably best known for his Systematic Theology. Berkhof addresses

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The early church fathers: On baptism

Chrysostom – On the epistle to the Hebrews (emphasis mine) “Baptism is a cross, and ‘our old self was crucified with him,’ for we were ‘united with him in a death like his’ and again, ‘we were buried therefore with him by baptism unto death.’…For

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Be baptised

I am a thoroughly convinced credo-baptist (believer’s baptism) and I’m almost as convinced that infant baptism does more harm than good when applied indiscriminately (as seems to be the case in the UK), as I indicated yesterday. Today then I’m going to call on the

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What do baptists do with believing children?

I’m an avowed credobaptist and I basically think infant baptism is unbiblical or at very best inadequately biblical but baptists have their own challenges when it comes to the place and faith of children. To baptise or not to baptise that is the question? I