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The Curiosity Index (11.01.2019)

The “Judge Judged in Our Place”: Substitutionary Atonement Reclaimed A challenge here from Roger Olsen: If a person rejects substitutionary atonement I only care about two things: 1) Has he or she grappled sufficiently with the New Testament identifications of Jesus Christ with the “Suffering

The Curiosity Index (27.09.2017)

Jesus Didn’t Die So He Could Love You Glen Scrivener: “If I’m looking at the Son lifted up on the cross, then I’m seeing God’s love for me because there I’m seeing my salvation. I’m seeing infallible proof of God’s immovable, inexhaustible, unfathomable affection for me.”

Is atoning sacrifice absent in Paul’s scheme of salvation?

I’ve recently been working on digitizing most of my papers and files from university days and stumbled across a few interesting finds. One of those was this feisty article by Bradley H McLean. McLean opens with the acknowledgement that ‘Christ’s death constitutes the theological centre of gravity

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The most repugnant idea ever

Christmas has been tamed but at its heart it is scandalous, shocking and offensive. I’ll let Richard Dawkins explain why. Dawkins was (over) reacting to the Pope’s Thought for the Day on the BBC yesterday. “(this is)…the centrepiece of what Ratzinger actually did say in

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This empty tomb

Friday was the day of the heavy cross, but that was only Friday and today is Sunday. Today there is an empty cross but that is not the good news. The good news is that today there is an empty tomb. Jesus has risen. I’m

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This heavy cross

Today was one of new experiences for me. For the first time I took part in a walk of witness in my local area and for the first time I carried a cross. Over the course of an hour a good number of us from

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It’s time to die

My friend Simon Guillebaud does challenge better than anyone else I know. Watch this video to see what I mean. You can watch more of these videos here HT: Peter Ould

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God punished Christ?

As a result of Adrian Warnock posting again on the atonement I moved The Atonement Debate up my reading list. Since the debate began nearly four years ago I’ve found myself having some questions about how penal substitutionary atonement has been preached and explained. However