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Has God forgotten Europe?

It’s an interesting time to be a Christian and a person of faith; we live in tumultuous times. Faith is declining but also resurgent. Disappearing yet also bursting into life. Some non-believers are sufficiently emboldened to ask the question, ‘what comes after religion?’ Although not every atheist

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Book Review: A society without God

What does a country look like if you take faith out of it? What kind of world would it be for those that live there and how did this come about? These are some of the questions that sociologist Phil Zuckerman tries to answer in 

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Now he knows: Christopher Hitchens 1949-2011

As you may have heard Christopher Hitchens, atheist and author, is dead. It’s worth reading the post by Justin Taylor and the obituary by Douglas Wilson. For most of his life Hitchens argues that those who believed in God were deluded. One way or the other

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The problems secularists have with Christians

A couple of days ago this post caught people’s attention in reaction to this opinion piece in the Guardian by Thomas Prosser. So other than banning Newday and the like, I thought I’d pick through the article and look for the problems that secularists like