The Curiosity Index (24.12.2018)

Dutch round-the-clock church service keeps hopes alive for asylum family This is a remarkable effort being made by this church With nowhere to go, the Tamrazyans put their fate in the hands of the Bethel church community in The Hague’s Segbroek district. It was quick to respond. By Christmas Eve, a service in the chapel will have run continuously for 60 days and nights, or for more than 1,400 hours. It is thought to be the longest “asylum service” in Dutch history. Through day and night, pastors hold services for…

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When the migrant crisis gets personal

When we close the books on 2015 and look at the big stories of the year, one of them will surely be the migration of millions of people from the Middle East and Africa to Europe. It is, I think, no exaggeration to say that we are witnessing a demographic shift that is going to significantly affect all three regions for generations to come. Europe is by and large a rich continent surrounded by poverty and chaos – Yemen, Syria, Libya, Ukraine, Iraq and then further away the tragedy of grinding poverty,…

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Book review: Asylum and Immigration

For the past ten years or so I have lived in middle England. Our town had an overwhelmingly white British population, most of whom would be very happy if it stayed that way. Despite having travelled reasonably widely and had the pleasure of learning about different cultures, I never particularly faced the issue of discovering those cultures in my birth nation. The demographics were never really in my favour. Then this year, we move to a small village in south-east Sweden and the issue that has forced me to think the…

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