Understanding secular people

Nations that are collectively included in the term, ‘the West’ are increasingly secular. Western Europe, New Zealand, Canada are dominated by secular people and the US is increasingly so. In this part of the world, the narrative is that religion is on the decline and enlightened secular people are on the rise. Zoom out, of course, to a global level and that’s simply not true. Yet secular people remain convinced that it is they who are on the right side of history. Currently the majority of Christian apologetics in the…

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The Curiosity Index (29.05.2017)

Anders Breivik was never a Christian Norway’s worst mass killer also became an oft used counter-point to all the murders committed by radical Islam. Christianity was no better because ‘Breivik was a Christian’. Except he wasn’t. Breivik said he had been an Odinist for years and had never truly believed in Christianity, a theme he expanded on in a letter to a Norwegian newspaper: “There are few things in the world more pathetic than the Jesus figure and his message, and I have always despised the weakness and the internationalism…

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