The challenges of a multi-cultural church

Grace Church from its very beginning has been a multi-cultural church. How could it not be? After all, we’re a British family who moved to Sweden to be a part of this church. And we’ve added plenty of nations along the way. At present, and just off the top of my head, I can think of people in the church from amongst others: Syria, Argentina, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, USA, Sweden, UK, India, Tanzania, Singapore, Romania, Poland, Brazil, China and Nigeria. I may have forgotten a few. This was…

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The Curiosity Index (07.12.2017)

100 years of Finland Yesterday Finland celebrated 100 years as an independent nation, it’s a beautiful country. But 100 years isn’t all that long and reminds me that nations are not permanent. What Christians believe…in 90 Seconds! I have a very high regard for the way Glen Scrivener presents things. Lake Chad: The world’s most complex humanitarian-disaster There is a lot of tragedy around the world that most of us are completely ignorant of. The Spiritual Disciplines: Simplicity December is an excellent month to try to practice this important discipline.…

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Why you should care about Burundi

Sixteen years ago I was desperate to work overseas amongst some of the world’s poorest people. So after one interview where I exaggerated my ability to speak French (almost none, to be honest) I found myself being posted to Burundi. As I had no real skills – a theology degree being of little use when it comes to providing people with schools, water and sanitation – I was made logistics officer. I was responsible for maintaining vehicles, running offices, looking after communications, buying supplies and monitoring security. I loved it…

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Book Review: My Father, Maker of the Trees

Reading this book was a frustrating experience. Any story about surviving the Rwandan genocide and learning how to forgive should be both deeply shocking, moving, challenging. In some ways this book is, but it also falls short in so many ways. First the positives. It is a compelling story, Eric Irivuzumugabe and his uncles spent nearly two weeks hiding high up in some cypress trees while all around them the genocide raged. Their survival was amazing and in some cases miraculous, the stories of those that died horrific. Eric’s testimony…

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How to help Africa?

It’s a question that has been asked time and again over the past 40 years and it seems we’re no closer to finding an answer. This report on Africa’s aid addiction suggests that corruption from the highest to the lowest levels remains the biggest issue. Tearfund produced a good research paper on it in 1999. It also makes me wonder about the effectiveness of disciple-making in Africa. No question there’s some great work going on by some great organisations (I support Great Lakes Outreach and Tearfund) but there’s also no…

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