Gender Links 

The Church & Gender II (Bumper links edition)

In my previous set of links I outlined three main areas of conversation around gender & the church.  The differing views on the role of women in the church This one on men and women in society The next one on the transgender movement So usual disclaimers about not endorsing and not trying to be comprehensive blah blah blah. Let’s get to it. On men, women & society Why Christians Need to Support Women’s Rights and Religious Freedom in the Muslim World The Gender War Is On! And Fake Why…

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Christians, the early church & child abuse

One of the great tragedies of our day is that the church (and I use that in its widest form) has increasingly become known as a place where children have been abused. There are too many scandals, too much secrecy, too many cover ups of abusers using the cover of priesthood and religion. It is religion at its very, very worst. The church cannot, must not, tolerate the abuse of children. It wasn’t always this way. In fact in its earliest days Christians were famous for the opposite – the protection…

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Men are violent beasts. Since Cain did his brother Abel in, men have been bashing, cutting, stabbing, punching, detonating, shooting, destroying people and things ever since. Women, of course, are not immune to this propensity to kill, maim and destroy but by and large if something violent is happening somewhere in the world it’s a fairly safe bet a man is involved. Violence against women is a particularly insidious and disturbingly common form of violence. In the fifteen years or so that I have been in church leadership I have had the sad…

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