Notable Swedish Christians: Sven Anderson

Some years ago I came by the 2-volume Dictionary of Evangelical Biography (1730-1860) which I admit is a bit obscure. But I thought I’d trawl its pages for entries on Swedish Christians to learn more about its notable figures and history. We’ll take the series alphabetically. 

I couldn’t find any more references on-line and the entry is short so I’ll repeat it in full. Sven, from Göteborg (1746-1816) was a Moravian missionary to the Labrador Inuit. He was a harness-maker by trade and a Lutheran before becoming a member of the Moravian church at Zeist in 1770. He arrived in Labrador in 1775 and stayed there until his death.

A few things strike me about this simple testimony – firstly the commitment of the Moravians to mission. Secondly the willingness to stay until death. In a world where it is easy to leave a place and go home, I think there is still a need for people to follow a calling and stay in the place God has called them to.

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