Square Mile

A new resource is being launched for UK churches tomorrow. Here’s the blurb from the EA.


Thursday 5 March 10:00 AM – 4:15 PM. Westminster Chapel, Buckingham Gate, London SW1E 6BS

“Would anyone in your community notice if your church ceased to exist?” the Evangelical Alliance is asking at the launch of its new initiative Square Mile. Square Mile will be launched at the Alliance’s Council meeting on 5 March, with a keynote talk by Tearfund’s Integral Mission Director David Westlake, and worship led by Tim Hughes, worship director at Holy Trinity Brompton. It aims to help and inspire Christians to see the whole of their lives as mission and focuses on four areas: Mercy, Influence, Life discipleship and Evangelism.

“Square Mile is a powerful resource to equip the whole church and take the whole gospel to the whole world,” said Mr Westlake. The initiative includes a website and a small group course. The website will act as a hub, profiling mission resources, stories and networks in each of the MILE categories, across the spectrum of evangelicalism.

The DVD-based course, designed for small groups, aims to inspire grassroots church members and give them the means to make a difference at home, church or work. Each course session involves Scripture, deciphered in the home group and by theological experts, including Bishop of Durham Tom Wright, Elaine Storkey and Tim Keller, to provide the rationale for engaging in each of the four areas. There are also stories about Christians having an impact on their communities around the UK and input from well-known practitioners – Shane Claiborne, Jim Wallis, Mark Greene and J John – to motivate the users to action.

“I’m always excited when I hear that people are getting together in local churches to talk about how they can make a difference in the wider community,” said Bishop Wright.

“This particular project is straightforward enough to be easily comprehensible but has enough depth to take people from where they are and go somewhere quite a good deal further. It will be an excellent resource for the local church and the local community to be God’s people in tomorrow’s world. I’m very happy to commend this whole project and to take part in it.”

The course is complemented by a personal journal that participants can use in their own time. Its chapters follow the MILE pattern and allow individuals to reflect on what God might be calling them to do in their communities. “We are called as followers of Christ to act justly, love mercy and walk humbly,” said Mr Hughes. “By getting involved with Square Mile, we can begin to live out that call effectively.”

For more information please visit the Square Mile website at www.eauk.org/squaremile. (published 5 March)

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