Book Review: Just Politics

just politicsNo spin, sleaze or scandal…Just Politics is a brand new title edited by Krish Kandiah of the Evangelical Alliance.

It’s an easy read with virtually no section being more than 3 or 4 pages long and lots of different contributors. The book opens with short messages from Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Nick Clegg but avoids vote-seeking or any political favouritism. It’s also insightful featuring several contributions from 3 Christians, each an MP in one of the three main parties, giving you a feel for the calling, pressures and prayers needed for those who represent us in Parliament.

It gives links and resources and tips to getting involved locally or nationally, in politics in general or on specific causes. I’ve sent a lot of campaigning postcards and emails and have wondered how effective they are, the answer from the MPs was helpful, ‘not very’! Letter writing on the other hand remains incredibly effective.

I found the sidebar quotes and the sections like ‘top 10 reasons to vote’ and ’10 ways a church can get involved’ helpful as I’ll reproduce them for my church come election time.

It’s intention is to engage Christians in politics and would be especially useful for first time voters in the upcoming election but helpful also to the disengaged voter and the leader looking for short accessible information. Both should be read and used.

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