Book Review: Good Omens

good omensEvery now and then some light reading is called for and this came in the handy form of Good Omens by Pratchett and Gaiman.

The basic plot is that it’s time for the end of the world and the birth of the anti-Christ, unfortunately due to a mix up at the hospital the wrong child is sent to the wrong home, yet the end of the world must come, just not where and how anyone expected.

The main characters are a demon called Crowley and an angel called Azirophale, who over the course of human history have become almost mates. The cast of other comic characters is long and distinguished and mostly entertaining. In some ways the humour has stood the test of time well, it’s only in the little details that the book (written in 1992) has shown it’s age. After all, in the world of mp3 tape cassettes morphing into the Best of Queen loses its edge a bit.

Lurking behind the comedy are some serious points, that humans are capable of grace that amazes angels and terrors that scare demons, that left to their own devices things sort of balance themselves out. The general idea is that good and evil are finely balanced and no one, not even in heaven, knows who will win at armageddon, and that the idea of earth as some sort of cosmic battleground is well just a bit obscene.

I’d read this as a teenager and at the time thought it hilarious, now it’ still funny and frankly should be required reading for anyone who spends just a little bit too much time in the book of Revelation for their own good.

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