Book Review: Facedown

facedownFace down is the appropriate response to a revelation of who God is. It combines fear, respect, adoration, humility and in this short book by Matt Redman (just 116 pages in pocket size format) shows why.

Full of insight and truth, this exploration of worship and more importantly who we worship and why face down is an appropriate action stirs the heart and reminds you of the great mystery of Christian worship. Redman looks at who God is, what Christ has done, how creation responds, how we respond in our lives (mission) and how we respond in worship and each short chapter gives pause for thought and prayer.

Although at times I think descriptions of worship meetings step over into hyperbole or are likely to fall under the weight of their own significance (something that can often be said about conferences and extra church gatherings), on the whole this is a series of simple reflections on the wonder, majesty and genuinely awesome nature of God. As Matt writes, ‘when we face up to the glory of God, we soon find ourselves face down in worship.’

This book is easy to recommend to anyone, young and old, in the worship team or in the pew, to use as material, study, conversation or devotion.

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