Book Review: Augustine and His World

I knew very little about Augustine really and this book served as an excellent introduction. It paints a pretty sympathetic portrait and makes excuses for conclusions that have now been widely disregarded (his views on gender and sex for example) but if you know next to nothing as I did then it’s a good place to start.

Lion Hudson always do these sort of books really well, plenty of colour, useful photos and illustrations and straight forward explanations. When you move on from the basic you move on from Lion, but until then they’re a great publisher to turn to.

Has anyone read ‘Confessions’ or ‘The City of God’? I have a copy of the former just wondering how far up my reading list I should move it….

One thought on “Book Review: Augustine and His World”

  1. matthew hosier says:

    I would say both should move rapidly to the top of your pile! CoG is a big book – read it little by little over a year or 2, or pick out appropriate sections. The Confessions are just brilliant. I must re-read it sometime…

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