Miscellaneous: 9 links and a video

Today we have hitch-hiking, middle east politics, surprising jobs and more on the menu. Also apologies for lack of blogging, I’m working on it. Anyway, one pleasant surprise is that today in south-east Sweden it is 18° and sunny. So we are off to the beach.

  1. At Breathe they’ve started a season of posts on ethical clothing. The first, from Pakistan, offers a different perspective.
  2. Here’s a different angle on e-book readers. They offer too many books!
  3. I used to hitch-hike, in fact I would say it is my favourite form of travel (just not very practical with 2 kids) so I’m in favour of a hitch-hiking renaissance.
  4. Do you remember being asked ‘what do you want to do when you grow up?’ Well, do you know anyone who had ‘disease mapper’ or ‘headline optimizer‘ on their list? No? You do surprise me.
  5. Time to get political. Is this graph on who supports Palestinian statehood and who doesn’t any surprise? It’s eye-opening. (HT: Jeremy)
  6. Here’s the facts on marriage and cohabitation in the UK. The bottom line is “More cohabiting couples separate without marrying, and fewer marry, than two decades ago. Cohabitation remains a relatively short term type of relationship.”
  7. Where would Martin Luther feel more at home, the Lutheran church or the Catholic church? Matt Hosier is unsure which way the reformer would jump.
  8. A lot of modern entertainment is addictive. Deliberately so. Which is why self-control is so important and why the video games have to go.
  9. Foreign Policy argue the case that if you want to help the world’s poor you should ditch the organic lifestyle
  10. Lastly the video. I love the creative way this was to put together. This to me speaks of the power and limitation of science. Would this be possible without scientific and technological advance? No. Can the result be in anyway adequately conveyed by science. No. Listen for yourself.

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