Miscellaneous: 9 Links & a video

  1. I’m not sure I’m brave enough to go hunting for a 6 metre long crocodile that weighs 1 tonne and eats buffalo for breakfast. Pretty sure about that in fact. (HT: Jeremy)
  2. I used to offset my jaunts around the world and was then began to feel that there were a waste of time. But perhaps carbon offsetting isn’t so bad after all?
  3. As a kid I walked to school from the age of 5 until I could get a bike and then I rode to school. You could probably count the number of lifts in the car in 13 years of education on two hands plus a few toes. So where has the walk to school gone?
  4. And if you walk you could stop at one of these public bookshelves. Assuming you live in Germany that is.
  5. Also on your walk you could consider the beauty or otherwise of the pylon.
  6. I like American football but like most sports, it’s as much a business as a sport and these businesses are bigger than many small nations!
  7. I like Dave Bish’s post on the magic of reality by Richard Dawkins
  8. Justin Taylor’s ‘they can’t‘ is an excellent reason why we’re involved in church planting
  9. Adrian Warnock reflects on the reminder that the church in the UK is still in decline overall
  10. This video is just mental and I would love to have the skill and the courage to do it!

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