Miscellaneous: 9 links & a video

So I’m off to Stockholm again today to meet some people interested in joining our church planting team. Do pray that God would help me not be too off-putting! Or to put it another way that God’s grace would be on us.

  1. You’re in a meeting and you get called out to take a phone call. You’re told you have less than 24 hours to save the world’s biggest bank. No pressure. So whatever his other mistakes and faults were kudos to Alistair Darling for not buckling under.
  2. However banks continue to need reform, not least because of the way they cause hunger!
  3. The 10 rules of clothes shopping. I personally like 1,2,4 & 6.
  4. If you’re interested in the dynamics of city life this interview is worth 10 minutes of your time
  5. Multi-site churches are of the devil. What else to add when that’s the article title?
  6. A helpful reminder to set limits on technology. I’m leaving the laptop at home today.
  7. Why faith and politics should mix
  8. A second infographic for you – here’s what the iconic investor Buffett has invested in
  9. Does Europe have a problem with mental illness? Apparently so.
  10. I like golf but to be honest I’m rubbish. So doing this is amazing to me.

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