The Curiosity Index: Week 52

The Week’s Postings

It’s Christmas so you weren’t reading blogs anyway, were you?

Friday: Is there a reasonable alternative?

From the archives

Questions from the pool of Bethesda

Bonus Material

Seven posts that caught my eye recently

  1. All God’s Laws Are Equal. Are Some More Equal Than Others?
  2. The Courage To Say “Help”
  3. My Son Did Not Live One Day More or Less Than God Planned — I Take Comfort in That Truth
  4. How I came back to Jesus, my first love
  5. Why charismatic Christianity is popular with migrants
  6. Cyclist Spent 9 Hours “Drawing” This Epic 80-Mile Reindeer-Shaped Route Via GPS
  7. The importance of team

Eye-catching stuff

The Lasers of Discontent

Some Twitter highlights

  1. The likelihood of becoming an atheist
  2. The unforgivable sin
  3. A love letter from Oz
  4. My favourite twitter exchange of all time…
  5. Why we need a Saviour
  6. Display at a library. Some folks get it.

Something to watch

Just a reminder as to why we celebrated Christmas.

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