The Curiosity Index (Sunday edition – 06.05.2018)

I’ve got so many links ready to share – we’re moving to a seven day schedule. No idea how long I’ll keep it up for.

DR Congo crisis: Why a trainee nun was shot dead at church

Congo needs your prayers.

A Letter to My Brothers

To be honest, I don’t really know who Beth Moore is (I’m probably not her target audience) but this open letter is really interesting. There is a culture problem and goes deeper than a simple complementarian (bad) -egalitarian theology (good) analysis.

The Quakers are right. We don’t need God

I can’t say I agree with Simon Jenkins here but it’s really revealing of the spiritual climate and challenges that the church in the West faces.

Reaching Japan

The first year our family moved to Tokyo, we invited many people into our home to share meals together. At the end of the year we held a Christmas party at our home. We packed over 40 people in our small home. However, since they understood that we were Christians and they saw the Bible in our hands as we were sharing the gospel, most of them left our relationships.

Tough going. Pray for Japan.

NASA technology reveals hidden text on Dead Sea Scrolls

Technology is helping reveal long hidden secrets!


Photo by Ken and Nyetta

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