The Curiosity Index (Luther edition)

I know Reformation 500 day was last week but I was otherwise engaged, so here are a few articles that are still worth a read.

Why Insist on Justification by Grace?

Andrew Wilson on the heart of the matter: “You think the best way to produce the fruit Roman Catholics (rightly) want is to teach Protestant doctrine? Yes, sir. Happy Reformation 500.”

Why Arminians Should Celebrate Reformation 500

This is a good article from a different angle and should help correct some of the many misconceptions Calvinists have of Arminians.

Why Can’t Christians Get Along, 500 Years After the Reformation?

It’s a question that often gets asked – why are there so many denominations?

Why Martin Luther’s body type mattered?

Luther was an incredibly physical theologian who once unshackled from the monastery revelled in the senses. Here’s his take on how to get rid of the devil: “when scripture and prayer fail, the best way to be rid of a devil is to fart at him.”

How Martin Luther Changed Our Beer, Too

Here’s a side-effect to the Reformation that many have missed. “Luther would have relished his role in promoting hops. If anyone loved and appreciated good beer, it was this stout, sensual and gregarious monk.”

Why we need a 21st-century Martin Luther to challenge the church of tech

And his example still inspires…


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