The Curiosity Index (31.01.2017)

I’ve been saving articles on fake news for a few days now for an article which could be a mistake – it’s a little overwhelming! Anyway to the links…


We do well to learn from those who have served the church faithfully for decades. So after 47 years of being an elder in various churches, John Hosier shares we he remains convinced of.

Jesus was NOT a liberal

And he wasn’t a modern day conservative either. Anthony Le Donne reflects on his politics post-Trump and don’t always sync up well with Jesus. Here’s the key:

Jesus continues to represent an awkward and uncomfortable obstacle to all modern, political discourse. His voice is challenging to modern Christians in particular because his self-proclaimed followers are on both sides of the aisle in America.

What if we applied reproductive rights rhetoric to the refugees?

In a similar vein Jen Oshman compares the rhetoric from those who are pro-choice and pro-refugee.

I’m especially appalled at President Trump’s ban on Syrian refugees who are the neediest population on the planet.  As I soaked in the media all weekend and viewed my social media feeds I observed a parallel, which was made more obvious by the recent March for Life and March for Women, still fresh in our memories: my friends who are pro-choice are also vehemently pro-refugee.  Seeing these two views as contrary to one another, I wondered what would happen if we applied pro-choice rhetoric to the refugee crises.

Why our son doesn’t have a smartphone

I can imagine that this article is going to grab a lot of attention and make a bunch of parents feel either a) guilty b) self-indignant. However Trevin Wax nails an important point that adults would also do well to pay attention to.

Many Christian parents are rightly concerned about the content that their kids may access on the phone. But it’s not just the content that shapes us. It’s the entire device and how it operates, and the assumptions about our world that are smuggled in with it. The smartphone has apps tailored around one’s own desires, so that the phone says, all day every day, “The world revolves around you.”

A woman flew through a tornado in a bathtub and survived

If I saw it in a movie I wouldn’t believe it (although maybe that movie had a shark in a bathtub). Anyway sometimes headlines can’t be improved upon.

Man Unsure If He’s Persecuted Because He’s A Christian Or Because He’s A Massive Jerk

The Babylon Bee nails this one. I see enough western Christians getting their conclusion to this one wrong.

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