The Curiosity Index (25.06.2015)

Would you ever pay a bribe? The answer, if you live in the developing world, may not be as easy as you think.

Was Jesus fatherless? “The Gospel of Mark represents the earliest surviving biography – if that what we should call it – of Jesus’ life. It is often noted by commentators that Mark is either unaware of Joseph (of nativity fame) or simply fails to mention him. The most common solution given is that Joseph died while Jesus was a boy….But does this conjecture have merit in historical reconstruction?”

If you’ve watched the new Mad Max film (I haven’t yet) then you may have noticed the teeth. Steve Dunn certainly did. Very observant.

There is a plan afoot to rewild Britain, finally. For more on this, you must read George Monbiot’s Feral

This is a great idea. Blood donors in Sweden get a text message whenever they save a life.

Lastly, some impressive photos of the newly enlarged Panama Canal.

Photo by peltierchevy

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