The Curiosity Index (24.05.2017)

Oh dear. You may have noticed that the frequency of posting has declined but I’m not giving up (again) at least not yet. So here for your interest…

Five reasons church members attend church less frequently

I think this misses some of the wider trends in western culture that have affected commitment to pretty much everything but these are still good points.

The Phenomenal Growth of the Salvation Army

William Booth commanded fewer than 100 British Isles stations in 1878, but two decades later his world-wide organization numbered about 3500 posts, and by 1904 there were more than 7000. Though the founder died in 1912, rapid growth continued; 4600 new corps came into being during the thirteen years immediately following his death.

The Trump administration, lookism, and the Saudis

This is important from Tyler Cowen.

We should not hesitate to criticize what we think is wrong.  But criticizing the appearance of various wrongs, as embodied in the looks of various people, is going a step further.  Don’t let the wrongdoers distract you from the reality that your use of images may be promoting an unjust generalization, or in fact mocking people for non-objectionable cultural elements.

Required Reading for Engaging (rather than ignoring) the Refugee Crises

Jen Oshman reviews two books that should be required reading to understand the refugee situation (which in many places remains at crisis levels).

The world’s coolest passports

The irony is not lost on me to follow a link about refugees to one about cool passports. But these are cool. I like Norway’s and Canada’s.


Photo by JeepersMedia

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