The Curiosity Index (24.01.2017)

Doing some serious procrastinating this morning – a load to read and I’m messing about here. But I don’t suppose you know that feeling….oh hang on….

We are missionaries

A welcome reminder from Jeff Vanderstelt. Here’s the key: “The people in your church don’t need a new to-do list. They needed to be reminded of their new identity in Christ. The same is true for you.”

Real life v. Facebook – babies, boobs & bumbling through

Every now and then you need to find a bit of honesty on social media. I appreciated this from Laura Fell on how being a parent is not as she expected. Here’s the key, “I want to bare some truths. We are, within the love of our Lord Jesus, bumbling through some of the hardest things to ever happen to us. I plan to post this the day that we travel to London for her reparative operation. My intention is to show the reality of a family who are not just looking back on trials but are trusting God in the midst of them.”

How to Never Run Out of Ideas Again

There are few writers for whom the word prolific was more apt than Isaac Asimov. Just consider this, “To match the number of novels, letters, essays and other scribblings Asimov produced in his lifetime, you would have to write a full-length novel every two weeks for 25 years.” To write that much, you need a lot of ideas.

How the super-rich prepare for Doomsday

This is a looong article from the New Yorker but worth your lunch break. There seems to be a weird mass eschatology in the US. Everybody is convinced the world is doomed. It’s just some can survive in a little more style than others., “I keep a helicopter gassed up all the time, and I have an underground bunker with an air-filtration system.”

Where to watch YouTube videos that no one has ever watched

That’s right, someone has found a way to create a montage of videos that have had an audience of zero. This will keep you busy till lunch.

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