The Curiosity Index (23.06.2017)

So not exactly back to a daily rhythm yet…anyhoo. Happy midsummer for all you optimists. For everyone else, the evenings are getting shorter…

Why Biblical Archaeology matters

Catherine McDowell explains at the TGC using the fall of Lachish as her example. In the video below, the amazing connections of the Cyrus Cylinder bring light to the trustworthiness of the Hebrew Scriptures.

Is the ESV Literal and the NIV Gender Neutral?

Bill Mounce shows how no translation is literal or neutral.

Where religious freedom is restricted most

You can probably guess which countries governments meddles the most in the freedom to practice your faith…but here’s the data from Pew.

A Guide to Church Planting

This by Mark Landreth-Smith covers a lot of ground.

14 Modern Churches Reinvent Religious Architecture

Many modern churches are just plain ugly and there’s little theology of place or beauty in their buildings. These on the other hand…

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