The Curiosity Index (23.04.2019)

The failure who changed the world

There was no state funeral, no miles-long procession following his body to its tomb, no carpet of flowers outside his home. He died an unjust death on trumped up charges and no one protested or even seemed to care.

But the story in 2019 is rather different. Twenty centuries after his death he has 2.3 billion followers – 31% of the global population claims affiliation with the religion that takes his name…

How come? How did this dismal disaster go on to inspire the world’s largest religion?

Christians, It’s Time to Go on the Offensive

We’ve believed that Christianity is declining. It isn’t. We’ve assumed Christianity can’t stand up in the university. It can. Too many of us think Christianity is threatened by diversity. It never has been. And too few of us think Christian sexual ethics are sustainable in the modern world. They are. On these and many other fronts, we have conceded far more ground to secularism than it deserves.

This Island Is Closed for Maintenance

The Faroe Islands, a group of volcanic formations in the North Atlantic, halfway between Iceland and Norway, will be closing for a one-weekend maintenance affair this month. Beloved by travelers for its pristine ecology, the eighteen-island archipelago will close its shores to tourists in honor of the Earth Day celebration, which takes place during the last week of April.

Star Wars-Themed Space Observatory in Germany

This is just brilliant.

I Could Watch Bear Grylls Review Survival Movies All Day


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