The Curiosity Index (22.01.2018)

Science Is Giving the Pro-Life Movement a Boost

This article tracks an important development.

Scientific progress is remaking the debate around abortion. When the U.S. Supreme Court decided Roe v. Wade, the case that led the way to legal abortion, it pegged most fetuses’ chance of viable life outside the womb at 28 weeks; after that point, it ruled, states could reasonably restrict women’s access to the procedure. Now, with new medical techniques, doctors are debating whether that threshold should be closer to 22 weeks.

A New Peace Effort Is Needed in East Ukraine

The author is right a new effort is needed but I can’t see anyone really wanting to stand up to Russia. Expect Ukraine to be a mess for another decade.

Artisanal Sex?

I thought this article was had an interesting take on hipsterism.

Here’s a question, though. Will hipsters come to apply that principle, or that attitude, to sex? The “hook-up culture,” in other words, or the culture of instant gratification, to use a phrase that took off in the 1980s, seems inimical to hipsterism in this sense. If you’re invested in making a BLT with sautéed kale or watching movies on reel-to-reel projectors, are you the sort of person who’ll have sex with mere acquaintances and even strangers merely because urge and opportunity happen to meet?

Fractal Chapel: Tree-Inspired Columns Branch Out to Open Up Interior Space

I think I like this…

What ‘Star Wars’ in Real Life Would Look Like

R2-D2 visits the Louvre

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