The Curiosity Index (19.01.2017)

This is pure speculation but Colin Green asks (& answers) a very interesting question. Did Paul see written Christian materials before his conversion?

It must surely say something (& nothing particularly good) about our society, that this question can be asked and that the obvious answer isn’t ‘NO!’ – Is it OK to watch porn in public?

This is the job my son wants when he grows up – Lego Professor of Play. Heck, that’s the job, I want when I grow up.

The Swedes are, once again, leading the way in environmentally good ideas by branding your fruit (with a laser) instead of sticking plastic on it. Apparently 200km of plastic could be saved in one year by one supermarket doing that just to its avocados.

And floating cities are, I think, inevitable and the people of Tahiti may get theirs first.

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