The Curiosity Index (15.12.2018 – weekend edition)

How to redesign cities to fight loneliness

I recently wrote about loneliness and this explores how design changes could bring us together. This article on the other hand questions the narrative of a loneliness epidemic. 

Wisdom and folly: the bishops’ guidance on transgender welcome

It seems we have a new article on the transgender agenda almost every day. Here Ian Paul analyses the latest confusion from the Church of England. 

Fools rush in where angels fear to tread, and there seems to be little that is angelic about this guidance. The House of Bishops are, to many people, now looking either incompetent, incoherent or duplicitous in this move, and without further comment and response, they will be inviting members of the Church to make their own decision as to which is the best description.

For more on this topic see here

52 things I learned in 2018

Tom Whitwell has a great list of things he’s learned. I think number 20 is hard to imagine in most places.

I’ve mentioned Courtney Dauwalter before and her achievements are astonishing if somewhat insane.

Doctors Aren’t Sure How This Even Came Out of a Patient

This is gross but also weirdly fascinating.

BASE Jumping Into an Airplane Looks as Crazy as it Sounds

Also insane.

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