The Curiosity Index (15.12.2017)

Did the Canaanites survive?

One from the summer but it’s a 4000 year old question so I reckon a few more months won’t make much more difference. Scientists have applied DNA analysis to see if the Canaanites had any descendants.

Whatever happened to the promised revival?

Terry Virgo writes that

…revival is not, as some of our American brothers would regard it, a series of evangelistic meetings, but rather a phenomenal sovereign intervention from God which starts in the Church, often leading to profound repentance and fresh encounters with God. This overflows into the world, resulting in large numbers of conversions and ultimately leading to a climate of social change.

I can think of a few places in need of such sovereign intervention

National Geographic nature photographer of the year 2017

I linked to the submission and here are the winners. Just some incredible photos.

Another reason why Stockholm is great

Even buildings aren’t just knocked down but moved to find continued life and purpose.

The Life

Despite the average Briton spending 66 hours a month viewing the internet on a smartphone (thanks WIRED for the fact), this would be 5 well-chosen minutes. I thought this video deserves several repeated viewings especially at this time of year.

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