The Curiosity Index (13.02.2019)

Many people still reject Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution

The interesting question in places like Britain is why? It can hardly be down to the pernicious influence of Christianity as it basically has none.

Nick Spencer of Theos, a think-tank devoted to religion, notes that whatever is making young people cautious about accepting Darwin, the main factor cannot be messages they are receiving in places of worship (which very few attend) or the influence of fundamentalist schools, which form only a tiny segment of British education. In the Catholic and Anglican schools which account for a much bigger sector, Darwin’s ideas have been fully accepted for many decades: any teacher who deviates from that line will attract controversy, but the number of such cases is quite low, in Mr Spencer’s view.

The article also doesn’t really mention Islam which will add significantly to the creationist numbers.

Watch a Single Cell Become a Complex Organism in Just Six Minutes

Sort of sticking with the theme. This is incredible. I’ve been puzzling over the idea of an original single celled organism and it seems that even in something so simple there must have been coded genetic information that caused a single celled organism to prey or to multiply. Where did that information come from?

A phone call from God

This is, yet another, incredible testimony from Simon Guillebaud.

“He explained that he and his YFC team had been praying every Wednesday for a man named Ted from Australia, a man they had never met, from a country most of them had never heard of before. They were believing that God would move and do the miraculous. They believed that God would send someone from Tasmania, Australia, which is about as far away from Burundi as you can get. They were believing the impossible, from a God to whom nothing is impossible.”​

Social enterprise: Enterprising, social and Christian

My friend Nick Priggis is pioneering social enterprise in connection with local churches. Here he explains what that means.

Social Enterprises seek to engage in social transformation through entrepreneurial and enterprising initiatives. The ‘enterprising’ element is often overlooked or undercooked. When that happens a social enterprise simply becomes a charity by another name. Authentic Social Enterprise is a means by which social transformation takes place through business. But a business, by definition, must make profit, so a viable and profit-making business must be in operation for social transformation to take place.

Christian Social Enterprises are those where disciples of Jesus are committed to seeing the values and integrity associated with His name being expressed within the business they are serving and leading. In addition, the outcomes for that Social Enterprise are those which seek to bring glory to His name and are focused on His coming Kingdom. They are redemptive and restorative values.

This Woman’s Limbo Ability Might Be Magic

It really might. You have to put the bar at about 6 feet for me to be able go under it. I can’t bend at all.

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