The Curiosity Index (11.09.2017)

Was Jesus internationally famous in his own lifetime?

Colin Green once again gets to the truth of things.

So why do so some people nowadays expect to find evidence of Jesus surviving from his own lifetime painting him as a much admired miracle-working figure, and complain when they cannot find it? It can only be that some people are looking for a very different Jesus from the one that the Bible tells us about. Looking for a different version, which is not in the Bible, and then complaining that it cannot be found is not a sound method for understanding the past.

The Changing Global Religious Landscape

This is from back in April so really old news. But as it deals with trends nothing much has changed since then if you missed it first time around.

6 Surprising Things You Didn’t Know About North Korea

I was surprised by all of them except for perhaps number 2.

The Risks of NOT Letting Your Kids Do Risky Things

Just let them have power tools.

The Unofficial Mosquito-Catching World Championship

I like most sports but I’m going to give this one a miss

Living out of a van has never looked this good

I hate caravans but I could try this.


Photo by D-Stanley

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