The Curiosity Index (11.01.2018)

The Top 50 Countries Where It’s Most Dangerous to Follow Jesus

It might be getting harder to be a Christian in the secular west but while not exclusively true but it is also very clear – the most dangerous place for a Christian to live is in a Muslim country.

* Christians in Egypt face unprecedented persecution

* Officials demolish Golden Lampstand Church in Shanxi, China

From debt to divorce, this chart tracks the UK’s year of worries

And it provides good evidence why churches that care about their communities should get involved in debt counselling.

A Church Planting Hero

This is a nice little story about the cost of church planting on the children of church planters.

Could Two People Repopulate Earth? Science Weighs In

Yes, but….

Romania from above

Stunning but I think I like 2016’s better (click the link above to see it)

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