The Curiosity Index (10.05.2018)

When Smart People Are Stupid

The smarter you are, the more susceptible you may be to imbibing secondhand unverified information and passing it off as your considered opinion, in essence, to make yourself look clever.

As if that ever happens.

Everyday courage

Hospitality isn’t just about making space for others in your home, it’s about making space for them in your heart. I can’t expect that lady from Foodbank to come to my home, let alone my church, if I’m too scared to go to hers. If I say I love her but refuse to go to the places or hang out with the people that are special to her, what kind of love is that?

Good words from Jennie Pollock

How much does a wedding cost?

Too much usually.

The challenges of defining death

Advances in medical technology has meant it’s no longer always straightforward to know when someone is dead.

Wonderful Pictures Of Abandoned Places

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