The Curiosity Index (09.05.2017)

OK, let’s get this thing rolling again.

I never knew that there was a revival in North Korea in 1907. I’m fairly sure God’s kingdom has great staying power than the Hermit Kingdom.

A revival of a different sort would be need in this Iraqi Christian ghost town.

Peter Feuerherd gives us another reason to hate the ‘prosperity gospel’. Donald Trump.

According to the Prosperity Gospel, Jesus’ “Blessed are the poor” is transformed into a commandment that God rewards the righteous in this life. Those who do God’s will are bestowed material blessings. Wealth is no obstacle to Christian belief, it is, rather, a sign of God’s favour. Within this framework, the hard-driving New York real estate mogul and television reality star is simply reflecting God’s blessings. Trump Tower is not just his monument. It is seen as God’s gift.

I’ve linked to these before but I love Laramee’s book carvings.

Sticking with sculptures, I think it would be pretty awesome to meet one of these in the woods

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