The Curiosity Index (06.09.2018)

After an unexplained absence (well, laziness) we’re back.

Our strange and incoherent stance towards the unborn

Powerful stuff from Andrew Haslam:

It made no sense to me that if a woman wants her baby, it’s a child, but if she doesn’t then it’s a foetus. If the child dies, it’s a tragic miscarriage, but if the pregnancy is brought to a medically induced end, it’s a routine termination. If a couple is longing to have a family the loss of a child is a grief too hard to bear, but if a child doesn’t fit into their current life plan then ending the child’s life is a human right.

Q&A With Francis Chan: Letters to the Church

I’m looking forward to reading this new book by Francis.

I imagined God looking down on the earth and seeing people on one side of the planet gathering expectantly whenever prayer was happening. Meanwhile, on the other side of the planet, people only show up for the most talented people and the “atmosphere.”

Runs in the Family

This is the most incredible story of adoption. Moved me to tears. Also cue Gospel illustrations aplenty.

“If you would have told me to pick who my father was, there’s no way I would have picked him because I might have thought I wasn’t worthy for him to be my father,” McCullough says. “I felt like my blessings came full circle because I’d always wanted to be somebody like him.”

India’s First IKEA Boasts Fleet of Solar-Powered Rickshaws

A sign of the globalised world we live in was to see the massive blue and yellow building of IKEA as I drove into Hyderabad, India. It has, I think, IKEA’s largest restaurant with over 1000 seats although the menu is not exactly typical Swedish fare

Death Diving

The world is full of crazy idiots and a lot of them appear to be Scandinavian.

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