The Curiosity Index (05.05.2015)

Evangelicalism sometimes gets a bad rap for being a shallow tradition, yet Matthew Milliner has found it surprisingly deep: All I really need to know I learned from evangelicalism

Derek Rishmawy asks: what does it mean to be inclusive like Jesus? Well worth reading.

This piece says all you need to know about modern conceptions of marriage, it’s quite sad: I’m a child of divorce but it hasn’t put me off marriage.

“It is, I think, a sign of social progress that people are building their own modern families – whether single or sprawling, monogamous or open, with or without marriage.”

Yet, “I crave stability…”

Pornography is apparently under attack in the UK (not so as you’d notice yet)

Do take a few moments to watch this excellent spoken word piece by Andy Lowe

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