The Curiosity Index (04.09.2017)

North Koreans are turning to Christ

While North Korea is almost daily in the news for threatening world peace, the Prince of Peace is at work reconciling souls to himself. Pray for North Korea.

‘Pakistan’s Mother Teresa’ Honoured with Historic Funeral

I’d never heard of Ruth Pfau (pictured) before but what a remarkable woman. “Not all of us can prevent a war; but most of us can help ease sufferings—of the body and the soul,”

Martyn Lloyd-Jones on everyday church

My dear friends, I say again that this is our unique opportunity at this time. That is what we stand for in a world that is so largely non-Christian. The way to convince the world of the truth of that gospel is to let them see that it makes a difference, that it is a power, that we are not mere theorists and philosophers but that we preach the power of God. And we prove that there is a power in the gospel by showing what we are in work, in business, in profession and in the home. Wherever we are, whatever we are, only let our citizenship be worthy of the gospel of Jesus Christ.


David & Goliath; Ego & Humility

Ryan Holiday with an interesting take on a story that we know all to well.

The reason the story of David and Goliath survives is not simply because it is the tale of the underdog, which we all love. It survives because it is the rich interplay between the traits and virtues every person must wrestle with in their own way in their own life: Where does my confidence come from? What does it mean to be humble? How can I avoid the dangers of ego and hubris?

The most beautiful shots in film of the 21st century

Photo by Maik Meid

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