The Curiosity Index (03.02.2015)

If you’re in the UK you may be aware of an important debate happening today in parliament with the headline grabbing three-parent babies. Peter Saunders asks five good questions.

I think in an age of austerity where benefits are cut for the poorest it’s reasonable to ask how a company, Apple, can accumulate a $178 billion cash pile. It seems the answer is through strenuous efforts to avoid paying tax (anywhere). To try and visualise that enormous sum of money here is what $1 billion looks like

This is an article from last year but there’s no reason to think anything has changed. The New Statesman wonders why so many people are anxious. ‘Anxiety is a peculiarly modern experience’

Liam Thatcher has a good reading list if you’re planning on studying the Gospels in more depth.

Lastly, some amazing wildlife photos


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