The Curiosity Index (02.10.2017)

Meet the Mother of Modern Missions

“Though hardly anyone knows her name today, Rebecca helped ignite fires of a new kind of religion that in subsequent centuries has given spiritual sustenance to millions.” We could well call Rebecca Protten the “mother of modern missions.”


A pastor becomes a pawn in a spat between America and Turkey

SOME evangelical Christians in the United States have stratospheric political connections, and can be sure of gaining access to the White House whenever they want. But Andrew Brunson, a Presbyterian minister from North Carolina who has been imprisoned for nearly a year in Turkey, is not part of that charmed circle.

How Buddhism is being used to justify violence in Myanmar

It will be interesting to see whether this ethnic violence towards the Rohingya will change perceptions of Buddhism. I doubt it.

Britain’s first zero carbon historic church

And a little bit of hope at the end – showing how things can be different.

Is Europe’s ghostliest train station about to rise again?

This place is incredible. How did it ever get built? How did it stop being used? So many questions…

To give you an idea of its size – there are 365 windows, one for each day of the year; hundreds of doors; and the platforms are more than 200m long. The question is, how did such an extravagant station, high up on a mountainside in a village with a population of just 500 people, ever see the light of day?

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