The Curiosity Index (02.05.2018)

May already, how did that happen?

Gospel Hospitality

Rebecca McLaughlin:

 Will we act like we are part of a large, messy family that includes singles and couples, young and old, rich and poor, or will we turtle up and keep ourselves to ourselves?  The latter is easier.  The former is where gospel treasures lie.

New Evidence Shows The True Extent of The Biblical Kingdom of David

The headline is a little misleading but interesting to see the amazement when once again archaeology confirms the Biblical story.

Population 2018 by Regions

The future belongs to the East.

First trip back after the 2 year mark

Isabella Hope shares what she is looking forward to after two years away in another culture. It’s the reality of long-term cross-cultural mission.

This Is What Happens When One Company Owns Dozens of Local News Stations

So much for free press and democracy in America. Clever video and very scary.

*Bonus tip: Mark Meynell has released another Q Marks The Spot – Treasure Map which is full of great links to web treasure.

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