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We started language classes yesterday, so hopefully our Swedish will improve. No idea yet of the impact on my English. Anyway a few links to give you some reading material over the weekend.
  1. Denis Alexander gives a brief answer to the following question:  ‘if we last shared a common ancestor with the chimps about 5-6 million years ago, and humans have been gradually emerging through a series of hominid intermediates ever since, then why did Jesus die?’
  2. Jake Belder, a north American, shows his appreciation for the British Queen’s Christmas Day speech
  3. I thought Tim Challies on exchanging the natural for unnatural was interesting, although again showing differences between American and European culture
  4. I’ve always described myself as a bibliophile, but by comparison with this man I’m still learning my alphabet.
  5. Christmas is a touch time for parents wanting to teach simplicity and contentment to their kids, so I agree with this author who says, “an infant who cannot recognize its own thumb has no need for presents. Unless you count an empty box or a wooden spoon as a present”
  6. The city of Medellin in Colombia has used outdoor escalators to reduce crime. Wonderful!
  7. This is very true for how I use this on Facebook

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