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We’re in Stockholm this weekend visiting some friends and also going to look at some houses. Buying a house is a scary proposition, doing it another language and culture even more so. So to counter all that scariness we’re also going to look at some big old pirate ships.

  1. Carl Trueman has an excellent article on the death of critical appreciation. The subject is John Stott.
  2. Prospero discusses the majesty of books
  3. With Christmas fast approaching Mint answers the question ‘is free shipping really free?’ I think you know the answer to that one.
  4. What do you think to this advent video from the Village Church?
  5. Tom Basson asks ‘how many slaves work for you?’¬†Apparently I have 44 and most of the problems are with the toys my kids have! Easy way to solve that one, then.
  6. This infographic seeks to answer the age old question, can money buy you happiness?
  7. Lastly, what does life look like when you share a house with 11 other people? This could be an interesting insight into intentional community living

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